Beauty in every sense.

The design of the Arteon leaves a lasting impression. But can it also be felt by someone who can’t see it? This question was answered by blind photographer Pete Eckert. His vision of the car proves: The Arteon is beauty in every sense.

The story about Pete Eckert.

Pete Eckert is a blind photographer. He was born sighted but halfway through his life he went totally blind. He works with his other senses: sound, touch and memory. By these senses, he builds images in his mind. He uses long exposures and colored light to create unique effects around the Arteon. The impressing results speak for themselves.

”I am a visual person. I just can’t see.“ says the photographer about himself. Before he went blind, he was preparing his master’s degree in architecture at Yale. But the diagnosis and the ultimate loss of his sight didn’t stop him from teaching himself photography. With the help of his analog camera, different flash lights and his color palette, he developed a unique visual language.

For his amazing artworks of the Arteon he started by approaching to the car very sensitive. Slowly, almost reverently, he traced the lines from the exterior to the interior and internalized every square centimetre of the bodywork. Until he has captured the complete Arteon in his mind. Or, as he puts it: “The Arteon emerges before my mind’s eye.”

With all his senses he envisioned the Arteon and his beauty. The movements with his light color palette were caught by long time exposure – they create a unique imagination of the Arteon in every single photo. The results are breathtaking visualizations of the car and his mind’s eye.

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Complete your impression of the Arteon and learn more about his fascinating design, his innovative assistance and connectivity systems and of course the three different models. Classy, sportive or elegant, which Arteon captures your imagination?

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